Sunday, March 9, 2014

Testing and Cleaning the Miata's Fuel Injectors

Since the engine is apart, now would be a great time to send out the fuel injectors to get tested and cleaned.  Lots of places to choose from including:

Normally, I would have used Advanced Autosports since I get many of my race parts from them but I forgot they offered fuel injection services so I sent them to RC Engineering.  I mis-placed the fuel injectors from the core 180k mile engine during my move so I removed the fuel injectors from the '91 engine that was in the car with 91k miles.

I was surprised at the test results!  2 injectors were dripping.  Dripping is not good for power.  The other 2 injectors were better but not great.  Never would have expected dripping injectors at 91k miles.  The previous owner of that motor must have neglected fuel filter changes and gotten some gunk through the fuel filter and into the injectors causing the 'dripping' condition.  Glad I got this done.  $107 well spent I think.

You may want to consider sending your injectors out for servicing if you haven't.

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