Saturday, January 28, 2012

SCCA Spec Miata Race - July @ Thunderhill = Spin and wreck...

This was a frustrating race. Blogging about it made it more frustrating. Hence the radio silence on the blog.

I was having a great weekend. The car felt great. The tires were performing well and I was getting a lot out of them. Pressures were 38 PSI checked after hot practice and qualifying which is perfect. My lap times improved a lot. I was finally doing 2:16s at Thunderhill which ain't bad for a rookie. Then the race started....

Check out the race on YouTube here:

I was chasing fellow rookie Cliff in the white car with the burgundy stripe. I was pushing hard and making him work for his position. Problem was that the tires were starting to lose grip. My mind was telling me that I had to slow it up a bit and let the tires cool off a bit and come back to me. The "Red Mist" was telling me to push harder. Just one more turn. So I kept pushing. And then.... I had no grip at T5... Oops.

I crested the hill and the car was already sliding and eventually looped around. The passenger side front wheel hit the adjoining road surface sideways and damaged the front end of the car. I could have rolled it if the rear wheel had also made contact there but thankfully that didn't happen. I wound up sitting in that spot and waiting for the race to finish so I could get the car back into the pits.

Thankfully I was able to load the car onto the trailer so I could get it home and figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to get this fixed.

This sucked.

 Lessons learned = Beware the Red Mist. Believe what your tires are telling you. Loss of control can be expensive.

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