Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Grassroots Motorsports stickers are on! Let the winning begin!

What's a race car w/o stickers?

Better question - What's a race car w/o Grassroots Motorsports sticker?!

The car is now equipped to win. 
Mazda stickers?  Check.
Mazdaspeed sticker?  Check.
Toyo Tires stickers?  Check.
Thunderhill and Sunoco money stickers?  Double check.
SCCA, class and number stickers?  Check.

My poor race car had been lacking Grassroots Motorsports stickers.  Crying shame it was...  Worse yet, my subscription had run out when my NASA membership lapsed.  I fixed that issue this last week renewing my subscription and ordering GRM stickers and a GRM hat. 

Grassroots Motorsports is the best racing magazine for us grassroots, DIY guys and girls racing on a budget.  Lots of good, useful articles.  Tons of great advertisers.  The Grassroots Motorsports forum/discussion board is also a fun, laid back place to talk about the racing and car addiction with like minded people.  Plenty of Miata fans and racers.  Etc etc.

 Sadly, the hat doesn't fit.  I ordered a size Medium hat since I wear a medium helmet.  Going to have to order a large.  This weekend is the San Francisco region SCCA's Spec Miata Festiva.  There is going to be a raffle, BBQ, double races for Spec Miatas.  I am going to offer up the hat as a raffle prize so someone else's head will be racier.

Anyway, pics of the GRM stickers.  Can you spot them? :-)

You can get your GRM swag here:

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